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"Spectra" has been reporting on the projects, programmes and strategies of the Federal Office of Public Health and its partners in the fields of health promotion and disease prevention since 1995. The online magazine of "spectra" sheds light on background developments (going beyond the contents of the printed version) and reports on current affairs.

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Communication is an important tool for improving health literacy

The FOPH has set itself the goal of improving health literacy and self-management of chronic disease among the general public. Communication can, at various levels, help achieve this goal. more


“Living Books” tell the stories of their dementia

There are currently an estimated 148,000 people in Switzerland with dementia. Among the main focal areas of Switzerland’s National Dementia Strategy 2014–2019 are efforts to improve public aware- ness of the group of diseases associated with dementia and of destigmatisation and the eradication of prejudices and inhibition thresholds for social participation. To this end, the Swiss Alzheimer Association together with the foundation Science et Cité and the FOPH are organising three special pilot events. more


At first hand

Communicating credibly. Communication in the healthcare sector covers a wide spectrum of activities, ranging from the doctor-patient conversation to public health prevention campaigns. But one rule is common to all: successful communication relies on the existence of trust. more

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