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Making prevention an integral part of healthcare

Prevention in healthcare. In its Health2020 strategy, the Swiss Federal Council made the development and implementation of a strategy non-communicable diseases a priority in its healthcare policy. Strategic objectives and associated measures were drawn up, together with the addiction strategy and the mental health programme, and approved in late 2016 by the Federal Council and the National Health Policy Dialogue. Prevention and control of non-communicable diseases can be further improved thanks to these measures. One of the main issues underlying the NCD strategy is to improve integration of prevention into healthcare, in order to curb the increasing incidence of chronic diseases as well as further cost increases. But how can this be done? What has been done so far to improve it? And is it possible to estimate the future benefits? more


Straight from the source

Editorial Eva Bruhin. The WHO estimates that more than 50 % of chronic diseases could be prevented (or at least delayed) by preventive measures. About 2 million people are affected in Switzerland. The direct healthcare costs of these diseases amounted to 51.7 billion Swiss francs in 2011, or 80 % of total healthcare expenditure – and these costs are rising. more


"Interprofessional collaboration requires that responsibilities are clarified."

Interprofessional collaboration. Interprofessional collaboration will play an increasingly important role in healthcare and prevention. Claudia Galli, President of the Swiss Federation of Professional Healthcare Organisations (SVBG), has agreed to outline the views of the healthcare professions in her responses to our questions. more

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