Campaigns and recommendations

The FOPH conducts information campaigns aimed at raising awareness of issues, for instance communicable diseases, smoking and alcohol consumption, handling of chemical products in everyday life, measles vaccination or organ donation, among people living in Switzerland.


Developing a shared understanding of health

It takes more than just health policy to improve the health of the population. This is because many of the factors that influence health lie outside the healthcare system. A comprehensive approach driven by partnership between the FOPH and other federal offices and agencies is essential. Most importantly, all stakeholders need to develop a shared understanding of what health means. more


Editorial – Roy Salveter.

At first hand. Who of us has never used the pedometer function on our smartphone? This function and all the other health and fitness apps that can be found on the ever-present smartphone would not have been possible without the megatrend of digitalisation. These apps can measure data from our body with utmost accuracy, whether forthe purpose of tracking our physical activity, improving our athletic performance and efficiency, recording our sleep phases or giving us nutritional recommendations. more


Information platform sheds light on female genital cutting

Female genital cutting. In Switzerland, around 14,700 women and girls are affected by or threatened with female genital cutting (FGM/C). For the first time, a nationwide Swiss platform is providing key information for those affected and also for professionals, thereby helping to prevent this practice. The Federal Office of Public Health FOPH is supporting this important matter since 2003. more


Donate organs? "Say what you think is important!"

Organ donation campaign 2016–2020. The new organ donation campaign focuses on discussion, communication and sharing. It is aimed at sensitising the general public into talking about the subject of organ transplantation with family and friends, reaching a decision for or against organ donation and communicating this decision. Only those who express their will can be sure that their decision will be respected by their relatives. The FOPH is launching the campaign in cooperation with the Swisstransplant foundation. more


Alcohol: how much is too much?

Alcohol prevention campaign. We all know it: drinking too much alcohol is harmful. But at what point exactly does relaxed turn into careless, tipsiness into drunkenness, flirtation into harassment? In brief: how much is too much? The current campaign by the Federal Office of Public Health and its partners sets out to persuade people living in Switzerland to find the answer to this question for themselves. The second wave of the campaign is scheduled to start this September. more


Flu symptoms after unprotected sex? Go straight to the doctor!

Spring 2016 "LOVE LIFE" campaign. Many HIV-positive people experience fever, fatigue, night sweats, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat or rash in the first few weeks after being infected. Consequently, any flu-like symptoms occurring after unprotected sex with someone of unknown HIV status have to be investigated immediately. This is the main message of the "LOVE LIFE" campaign wave running since early May. more


Bending a cigarette communicates successful smoking cessation

SmokeFree Campaign 2016. The spring phase of the current SmokeFree campaign focuses on success in quitting smoking: it encourages smokers to draw up a concrete plan of action for kicking the habit and it aims to activate families and friends increasingly into providing support for people who want to stop smoking. To this end, it draws smokers' attention to effective assistance services such as the SmokeFree Buddy app. The campaign is financed by the Tobacco Prevention Fund. more


Better with two: new app for giving up smoking

SmokeFree Buddy app. Having the support of a friend or partner makes it easier to stop smoking. As part of its SmokeFree prevention campaign, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and its partners are launching a new mobile phone app that offers interactive support, the SmokeFree Buddy app. more


TV commercial provides motivation to quit

Lightning strikes and traffic accidents – those are things that only happen to other people! And lung cancer? The SmokeFree campaign's new TV commercial is using this this sobering question to make people aware that giving up smoking is worth the effort. Because smoking damages every organ in the body. Anyone who gives up smoking halves their risk of having a heart attack in just 5 years. And after 10 years, the risk of developing lung cancer drops by half. What's more, people have more success in giving up when they receive professional advice. People who are keen to stop smoking are recommended to make use of support – for example, a stop-smoking advisory service. The SmokeFree Buddy app allows them to obtain the support of a friend or loved one while taking that first step. more


Stop-smoking hotline: "We don't lecture or judge anyone"

Stop-smoking hotline. The tele-phone number of the stop-smoking hotline is on every packet of cigarettes or tobacco in Switzerland. At the other end of the line, callers will find people who know how hard it is to beat this addiction – and how they can nevertheless succeed with the right support. more