November 2013 spectra 101 - Transgender

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Sexual health and transgender people: uncharted waters?

A neglected and vulnerable group. Many international studies reveal a high level of vulnerability in the health of the transgender community, especially to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. more


"Counselling trans people is only a small, but nonetheless vital piece of the puzzle."

Forum Hannes Rudolph. A special unit for trans people (Fachstelle für Transmenschen) has been in service at Checkpoint Zurich since March 2012. It was set up in cooperation with the Transgender Network Switzerland (TGNS) to advise people, whose gender identity does not match that assigned to them by birth. It is the only paid unit in German-speaking Switzerland that offers trans people independent counselling by other trans people, though there is a second such unit at Checkpoint Vaud to serve French-speaking Switzerland. Besides counselling trans people themselves, the unit also provides advice for their relatives and people who, for other reasons (e. g. professional), have questions about trans* issues (the asterisk refers to all of the identities within the gender identity spectrum). more


At first hand

Editorial Steven Derendinger. The first Swiss HIV & STI forum on the sexual health of trans people, which was organised by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), marks not only an increased awareness of this topic, but also an important and welcome change in its development. more


New system of public order fines for cannabis use

Revision of the Narcotics Act. As of 1 October 2013, adults caught using cannabis are now fined 100 francs and no longer charged with drug use. more


Dementia – a challenge for society and the healthcare system

National Dementia Strategy 2014– 2017. Today about 110,000 persons suffering from dementia are living in Switzerland. And their numbers are growing. The National Dementia Strategy aims to provide a targeted response to this growing challenge. more


Don’t miss out – get your measles vaccine now

Measles campaign 2013−2015. hich has a slogan that translates as "Don’t miss out –get your measles vaccine now", calls on the public to have themselves immunised against measles. The main target group is adults under the age of 50. The aim is to eliminate measles from Switzerland by 2015. more