March 2014 spectra 103 - Indulgence and risk

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Indulgence and risk, or why indulgence has a preventive effect

The ability to cope with indulgence helps prevent addiction. The ability to indulge in, or enjoy, something is a precondition of a fulfilled life, and the ability to identify the point at which indulgence takes on dangerous dimensions will protect the individual and society from negative consequences. Individuals therefore need to possess the ability to cope with indulgence, and the community needs to have rules that set boundaries to individual freedom wherever it harms the community. more


"Indulgence or addiction" at the Fumetto Comix Festival

Prevention partnership. What do we actually mean by indulgence? And when does indulgence become addiction – particularly in young people? To find this out and to launch a corresponding dialogue, the Federal Office of Public Health and Fumetto Comix Festival Lucerne have organised a competition on the topic of "Indulgence or addiction". more


"More than half of all non-communicable diseases could be prevented by a healthy lifestyle."

Five questions to Eva Bruhin. Non-communicable diseases are now the number-one cause of death worldwide. The increase is due primarily to lifestyle changes. Eva Bruhin, Head, Administrative Office of the "National Strategy on Non-communicable Diseases" at the Federal Office of Public Health, talks about the goals of this strategy. more