May 2014 spectra 104 - Alliances – opportunities and limitations

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Advertising ban for tobacco and alcohol products protects public health

Lead article. Advertising persuades children and adolescents to take a positive view of alcohol and tobacco. It makes little difference whether or not the advertising message is aimed directly at them. Full-scale bans on advertising are politically controversial, but – if combined with other measures – they would afford better protection against the subtle influences and clever advertising strategies of tobacco and alcohol producers. In Switzerland, producers are subject to fewer restrictions than in other European countries. more


At first hand

Editorial Alberto Marcacci. As we all know, living healthily is not always easy – and it takes energy to do so. Promoting health is a complex undertaking. But how can people be motivated to lead healthier lives while preserving their personal freedom? Answers are to be found in the definition of public health as formulated by Winslow in 1920 and modified by Acheson in 1988 – a definition that has lost none of its topicality over the years: public health "is the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting physical health and efficiency through organised community efforts." more


Help for people who gamble excessively

Preventing addictive gambling. Addictive gambling, or gambling disorder, is a growing social problem. In Switzerland, about three percent of the population, i. e. some 250,000 people, are directly affected; if family members are included, then approximately one fifth of the inhabitants of our country suffer from the consequences of excessive gambling behaviour. The new Article 106 of the Swiss Constitution empowers the Swiss government to set up a comprehensive legal framework for regulating gambling – creating an opportunity for a key shift in prevention policy. But will the opportunity be grasped? more


"Ne regrette rien!"

"LOVE LIFE" campaign 2014. As if inspired by Edith Piaf: just like the French chanson singer's great song, the new "LOVE LIFE" campaign comes across as passionate, authentic and life-affirming. more