February 2015 spectra 108 - Health Communication

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The new "SmokeFree" campaign is backed by a broad alliance for tobacco prevention

SmokeFree tobacco prevention campaign. The new version of the broadly based "SmokeFree" awareness campaign launched by the federal government and its partners in the cantons and NGOs aims to motivate smokers to opt for a life without tobacco. The campaign is one of the measures undertaken as part of the National Tobacco Programme (NTP), and over the next three years is intended to establish non-smoking more firmly as the norm in society. more


"What I don’t know can’t hurt me!?": Giving FOPH programmes a public face

Communication campaigns. How can a topic be brought to the attention of the individual, the mass media and society as a whole? Communication campaigns are a tried-and-tested and efficient way of informing people and of increasing their awareness of health topics. The campaigns run by the Federal Office of Public Health resonate well with the public, are effective and enjoy international recognition. more


At first hand

Editorial Adrian Kammer. Advertising is everywhere – even in the health sector. A study published in autumn 2014 stated that "Advertising for tobacco is commonplace in Switzerland today." This is particularly worrying because it means that young people are being exposed to the advertising message without the public noticing it. The loser: health. This is why health promotion also has to come to the fore in the battle to influence individual behaviour and norms in society. This is the task performed by the communication campaigns run by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). They ensure that prevention is seen as an attractive option in the marketplace of interests. more


"The modern online magazine is user-friendly."

Five questions for Nora Grunder. February 2015 will see the launch of "spectra", the prevention and health promotion newsletter published by the Federal Office for Public Health (FOPH), in a new, attractive online format. What’s new, what’s stayed the same? We asked Nora Grunder, the project manager for "spectra online". more