September 2016 spectra 114 - Life-course

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At first hand

Editorial Andrea Arz de Falco. Ever more people are suffering from non-communicable diseases (NCD) such as cancer or diabetes. These conditions are a heavy burden not only on the patients and their families but also on our healthcare system. more


People should be able to enjoy the best possible health in every phase of their lives

Life-course approach. The life-course approach is attracting growing interest among health professionals. Comprehensive overviews such as the UN's "Agenda 2030" Strategy on Sustainable Development, the WHO European Region's "Health 2020" framework or the Swiss government's health policy strategy of the same name are geared in part to the life-course approach. Moreover, the WHO European Region hosted a ministerial conference on the topic of the life-course approach last autumn. What is behind this approach and what makes it so interesting for prevention experts? more


Donate organs? "Say what you think is important!"

Organ donation campaign 2016–2020. The new organ donation campaign focuses on discussion, communication and sharing. It is aimed at sensitising the general public into talking about the subject of organ transplantation with family and friends, reaching a decision for or against organ donation and communicating this decision. Only those who express their will can be sure that their decision will be respected by their relatives. The FOPH is launching the campaign in cooperation with the Swisstransplant foundation. more


Alcohol: how much is too much?

Alcohol prevention campaign. We all know it: drinking too much alcohol is harmful. But at what point exactly does relaxed turn into careless, tipsiness into drunkenness, flirtation into harassment? In brief: how much is too much? The current campaign by the Federal Office of Public Health and its partners sets out to persuade people living in Switzerland to find the answer to this question for themselves. The second wave of the campaign is scheduled to start this September. more