January 2020 spectra 126 - School and Health

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Gearing projects to schools’ needs

There is now a large number of services that focus on health promotion and prevention in schools. To be successful and viable in the long term, these services need to be geared to the different syllabuses in each language region and to schools’ needs. more


“Bans reduce willingness to engage in dialogue and block discussion”

Barbara Bonetti has observed that there is less bullying in schools that permit and have rules for smartphone use than in schools that ban phones completely. In this interview, the Research Assistant at the Centro di risorse didattiche e digitali (Cerdd) discusses the value of educational debate and how digital media can be usefully employed in a teaching environment. more


Fresh air for bright minds

An investigation by the Federal Office of Public Health has revealed that the air quality in around two thirds of schools is unsufficient, even though good air quality in classrooms is important for students’ intellectual capabilities and health. Now schools and their teaching staff can access good ventilation recommendations and other resources such as the Simaria ventilation simulator. more


The same level of motivation

At first hand. I can still remember how we used to be divided into two teams to play dodgeball in PE classes. Two captains took turns to pick their teams, and always left the children who weren’t very good at sport till last, only picking them – much to the disgruntlement of the other team members – when there was no one else left. There can be no doubt that being one of the first to be picked gave a tremendous sense of validation, while always being picked last was demotivating. more