May 2010 spectra 80 - Prevention pays off!

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First steps towards cost-benefit analyses of prevention measures

Evaluation. Are prevention and health-promotion measures necessary and worth the money they cost? Three pioneering studies initiated by the Federal Office of Public Health provide first concrete figures on the cost-benefit ratio of state measures in the areas of traffic accidents, smoking and alcohol. The findings are gratifying but should be treated with caution for the time being. more


At first hand

Editorial Stefan Spycher. Prevention efforts can, if well done, deliver significant health benefits. But are they also cost-effective? Do the benefits of prevention outweigh its costs? How does the cost-benefit ratio of prevention compare with that of curative measures? These questions are justified. But the answers are not easy to find. Analysing the economic benefits of prevention and health-promotion initiatives poses some serious scientific challenges, as a recent literature review of this field has shown. more


Overweight a heavy burden on healthcare budget

Overweight and obesity. Thirty-seven percent of Switzerland’s adult population were overweight in 2007. Estimates suggest that this high percentage is unlikely to change much in the next ten years. Overweight and obesity currently generate direct and indirect healthcare costs of 5.8 billion francs a year. more


Anti-smoking campaign «It’s logical, really» had an emotional impact

Evaluation of 2009 anti-smoking campaign. The consensus-oriented anti-smoking campaign «Less smoke, more life» took the slogan «Eigentlich logisch» (It’s logical, really) for its fourth, 2009 edition. Its awareness and acceptance levels were as high as those of the 2008 campaign, and not smoking is now taken for granted. more


Basic research to support prevention in the sex trade

Sex work and health. Sex workers are increasingly exposed to risks that are harmful to both well-being and health. The three-part study «Der Sexmarkt in der Schweiz – Kenntnisstand, Best Practices und Empfehlungen» (The sex market in Switzerland – state of knowledge, best practices and recommendations) identifies the areas in this setting in which effective prevention and health-promotion strat­egies can be deployed. more