November 2010 spectra 83 - Health impact assessments

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Health impact assessments: a tool for sustainable policy-making

Multisectoral health policy. What’s right for the environment should also be right for human health: in the wake of the environmental impact assessment, a comparable approach for health – the health impact assessment (HIA) – is now growing in importance because it can help policy-makers assess and judge in advance the possible effects of a planned measure on public health. The HIA also in­creases awareness of health-policy issues in political areas unrelated to health. It can therefore help boost the transparency of the political decision-making process and sustainably improve and maintain public health. more


At first hand

Editorial Ursula Ulrich. «Now’s not the time to be thinking of that – we’ve got to save money!» This was the answer I received from a health minister in the late 1990s when I asked whether the government had considered the effects that reducing the number of gym and sports lessons at high school would have on the health of young people then and in the future. more


How agricultural policy impacts on health

Example of a health impact assessment. A country’s agricultural policy has a direct effect on food production, the natural environment, the physical development of the countryside and public health. Agricultural policy is thus an important and rewarding subject for health impact assessments. Here are two examples of HIAs that seek to evaluate the impact of agricultural policy on health, retrospectively on the one hand and prospectively on the other. more


Swiss pandemic control evaluated

Evaluations. Two expert evaluations of Switzerland’s efforts to control the H1N1 influenza (swine flu) pandemic acknowledge the great commitment of those responsible while also identifying potential for improvement. more


Community catering sector’s response to quality standards

Promoting health. Providers and users of large-scale catering have responded positively overall to the quality standards published in December 2009 to encourage health-promoting community catering, but have nonetheless expressed some concerns. more