March 2011 spectra 85 - Partnership with the economy

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Public-private partnerships: increase in future use in the health sector as well?

Lead article. Governments are turning increasingly to private companies to ensure delivery of services and take the pressure off budgets. This form of cooperation between a public authority and a private-sector party is known as a «public-private partnership» (PPP). What opportunities and risks do such partnerships entail? And how important are PPPs in the Swiss health sector? more


At first hand

Editorial Liliane Bruggmann. There is a strong tradition of cooperation between the public and private sectors in Switzerland, and the tightening of govern­ment budgets, growing demands on the state and ever greater complexity of innovation processes are forcing administrations to step up cooperation with the private sector. This also applies to the field of prevention and health promotion, which is investing in the development of effective partnerships. more


«Partnerships only work if they are based on honest transparency.»

Interview. How important are partnerships between the public and private sectors – public-private partnerships, or PPPs for short – in the prevention and health promotion field both now and in the future? Spectra talked to professor of medicine Roger Darioli and consumer protection representative Mathieu Fleury about the opportunities and limits of public-private cooperation. more


Swisscom: successful «smoke-free company»

Tobacco control. As part of the «Smoke-free companies» campaign, the Lung League advises Swisscom on smoking regulations and offers training on quitting smoking to employees throughout Switzerland. more