September 2011 spectra 88 - Health and culture

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At first hand

Editorial Andrea Arz de Falco. If you put the search terms «health and culture» into Google, it will start by offering you many ways to enhance your well-being and numerous city breaks – definitely in keeping with the time of year. You’ll also find a lot of information about migration and health, focusing on the challenges that arise at the interface between carers, healthcare professionals and patients as a result of different values based on different cultural, religious and ideological convictions and languages. An openness to and a basic understanding of other cultures are standard skills for doctors and carers nowadays, alongside medical knowledge in the narrower sense of the term and awareness of medical ethics, economics and law. more


«Health Guide to Switzerland»: new edition of success story

Migration and health. The «Health Guide to Switzerland» publication helps migrants understand how to use the Swiss healthcare system. The third revised edition of the popular booklet has just been published. The website of the migesplus centre of excellence for migration-related information has also been relaunched. more


«Interests and good hobbies are the best prevention»

Interview with Emil and Niccel Steinberger. Does humour keep you healthy? What role do art and laughter play in health? spectra asked two people who ought to know: Emil and Niccel Steinberger. Both earn a living making people laugh. The great comedian Emil does it with his unforgettable stage shows and books, and Niccel as an author and presenter of laughter seminars. more


The dialogue on the subject of alcohol continues

Swiss Alcohol Action Week. The first Swiss Alcohol Action Week ended on 29 May 2011 after around 10 days packed with wide-ranging activities. more


An eventful year for tobacco prevention

2010 Annual Report on the National Tobacco Programme 2008–2012 (NPT 2008–2012). 2010 was an eventful year for tobacco prevention in Switzerland. The most significant milestone was the Federal Law on protection against passive smoking that came into force on 1 May. A large number of other measures were implemented at various levels. Below is a review of the most important developments. more