July 2012 spectra 93 - National prevention programmes

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Swiss government to continue focus on health promotion and prevention

National prevention programmes. The Swiss government has prolonged the national prevention programmes on tobacco, alcohol and diet & physical activity by four years until 2016. more


National prevention programmes: many evaluation recommendations already implemented

Position of the Federal Office of Public Health. The Federal Office of Public Health commissioned evaluations of the 2008–2012 national prevention programmes on alcohol, tobacco, diet & physical activity and of the Swiss government’s Package of Measures to Reduce Drug Problems 2006–2011 (MaPaDro III). The evaluators argued strongly in favour of prolonging the programmes and proposed a number of improvements. The recommendations have been incorporated into the programmes and some have already been implemented. more


"Prevention measures always require careful weighing up of the demands of health protection and economic freedom."

Ursula Koch answers five questions. The Swiss government has prolonged the national prevention programmes on diet & physical activity, alcohol and tobacco until 2016. What does Ursula Koch, joint head of the National Prevention Programmes Division of the Federal Office of Public Health, think of this decision and of the role of prevention in our society? more


At first hand

Editorial Pascal Strupler. The Prevention Act still has a rough ride ahead of it before it becomes law. Parliament has been mulling over the Swiss government's accompanying report on the bill since 30 September 2009 – first the National Council (lower chamber), then the Council of States (upper chamber). On 1 June, the deciding vote of the Council of States president at long last enabled the bill to be introduced – and after article-by-article consideration the upper chamber approved it by a majority of 20 to 16. The matter is not over yet, however. But more of that later. more


Switzerland tackles measles

Measles Elimination Strategy. World Health Organization Europe aims to eliminate measles from the region by 2015. Switzerland has also committed to achieving this goal. The Swiss government therefore approved the Measles Elimination Strategy in December 2011. Measles is not a harmless childhood disease but a highly contagious viral infection. more


Alcohol campaign: the dialogue goes on

Alcohol prevention. In 2011, the Federal Office of Public Health used the "Alcohol Dialogue Week" to launch the alcohol prevention campaign "Talking about alcohol" – a platform that society can use to discuss the topic of alcohol. The second "Dialogue Week" will take place in 2013. more