November 2012 spectra 95 - Internet & risk

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"In the end, the Act foundered because of the government spending 'brake' mechanism, even though the bill itself enjoyed majority support."

Five questions for Felix Gutzwiller. The planned Prevention Act was definitively rejected by a small majority of votes at the end of September when the Council of States refused to loosen the spending "brake" mechanism (to allow redistribution of federal funds). The opponents of the Prevention Act feared new regulations, growing state interventionism and loss of cantonal power. We asked Felix Gutzwiller – professor of medicine, expert on prevention and FDP (Free Democratic Party) representative for Zurich on the Council of States – for his views on the background to this development. more


At first hand

Editorial Isabelle Widmer. The Internet is addictive. The intense fascination exerted by some Internet activities can result in excessive use that amounts to addiction, particularly in adolescents and young adults. And because the Internet access on mobile devices is improving all the time, the problem is likely to grow over the next few years. The distinction between the virtual and the real world will become increasingly blurred. Consequently, the up-and-coming generation will experience an entirely new form of socialisation, with consequences for society that can scarcely be predicted at present. more


Online addiction: vigilance is called for

Excessive Internet use. The report "Gefährdungspotenzial von Internet und Online-Games" [Risk Potential of the Internet and Online Games"] produced by the Federal Office of Public Health does not yet sound the alarm on online addiction, but warns that increased vigilance is required. more


Covert tobacco advertising on the Internet

Online marketing. Tobacco advertising is forbidden or restricted in many countries. However, the tobacco industry is increasingly finding new ways of getting round these obstacles on the virtually uncontrolled and uncontrollable Web 2.0. more


Say it any way you like, but just say it

"LOVE LIFE" campaign 2012/13. On 12 October 2012, the Federal Office of Public Health and its partner organisations launched the 2012/13 "LOVE LIFE" campaign. Its aim is to create a climate that makes it easier for people to inform a sex partner that they have a sexually transmitted disease. more


Eye-catching "Food Pyramid" attracted lots of visitors

FOPH stand at Comptoir Suisse. The 93rd Comptoir Suisse in Lausanne drew to a successful close on 23 September 2012, with no fewer than 185,000 people flocking to French-speaking Switzerland's annual autumn trade fair. Many of them made their way to the "Nutrition" hall and, more specifically, to the Federal Office of Public Health's stand. more