January 2013 spectra 96 - Public health and ethics

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Ethical check-up for public-health measures

Public-health ethics. Despite their community focus, public-health institutions must never lose sight of the needs of the individual. Measures that benefit society can harm the individual. There again, behaviour that is harmful to health can cause additional economic burdens that have to be borne by society as a whole. But which principles need to be respected when we are weighing up harm against benefit, community well­being against that of the individual? The answer has to lie in the ethics of public health. more


At first hand

Editorial Salome von Greyerz. Unlike medical ethics, which are concerned with ethical dilemmas relating to the treatment of individual patients, public health ethics apply to the health sector as a whole. They constitute a basis for ethical judgements of measures taken by health authorities or private health institutions rather than on the actions of individuals such as doctors or nursing staff. more


Tobacco control is a human right

Tobacco control. WHO Director-General Margaret Chan calls for human rights concerns to play a greater role in the fight against the tobacco industry. more


International experts on substitution treatment meet in Geneva

Conferences on opioid dependence. Two conferences on the treatment of opioid dependence were held concurrently in Geneva on 18 and 19 October: NaSuKo (3rd national conference on substitution treatment) and TOD (3rd francophone international symposium on the treatment of opioid dependence). More than 450 experts from Switzerland and a number of other French-speaking countries attended the two conferences. more


When forgetting doesn't work

Posttraumatic stress disorders. A new publication from the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) provides clearly presented information on trauma and its consequences. more