March 2013 spectra 97 - Non-communicable diseases

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Non-communicable diseases – a "slow motion disaster"

Non-communicable diseases. Cancer, cardiovascular diseases or diabetes mellitus: non-communi­cable diseases are now the number-one cause of death all over the world. WHO Director-General Margaret Chan described the spread of these diseases as a "slow motion disaster" and one of the biggest health challenges of the future. more


At first hand

Editorial Andrea Arz de Falco. People now live twice as long as they did a hundred years ago. We owe this huge increase in life expectancy to medical progress, advances in the economic and social spheres, better hygiene and education, the development of the social insurance systems, etc. The improvement in our quality of life has also come with changes to our lifestyle and working conditions. more


Little change on Switzerland's nutrition front

6th Swiss Nutrition Report. The typical inhabitant of Switzerland continues to eat too much sweet and salty food and too little fruit and vegetables, despite being aware of the most important recommendations on a healthy diet. Excessive bodyweight is still one of the country's most serious health problems. The availability of data on the nutritional status of the Swiss continues to be unsatisfactory. These are some of the findings of the 6th Swiss Nutrition Report, which, along with the Swiss Nutrition Policy 2013–2016, was unveiled by government minister Alain Berset, Head of the Federal Department of Home Affairs, on 22 January 2013. more