May 2013 spectra 98 - Health policy

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Health2020: a health-policy agenda with potential

The Swiss government's "Health2020" agenda is a comprehensive overview of current health-policy challenges and short and medium term priorities for action. Its implementation offers far-reaching opportunities for further developing healthcare delivery and also for moving forward on other important public-health concerns. more


At first hand

Editorial Stefan Spycher. In January 2013, the Swiss government approved a health-policy agenda not previously seen in this form in Switzerland. "Health2020" presents the first-ever comprehensive strategy for the Swiss healthcare system. It identifies the challenges facing the healthcare system and defines the health-policy goals resulting from these challenges, and the measures that will have to be adopted between now and 2020. The aim is to enhance quality of life and equality of opportunity for the population as a whole, promote standards of healthcare delivery and further improve the transparency and manageability of the system. more


Health minister Alain Berset: "We have to create an environment that makes healthy behaviour easy."

Interview with Federal Councillor Alain Berset. In January, the Swiss government approved the "Health 2020" strategy – a health-policy agenda focusing on four action areas and 36 measures to be implemented in stages. Health minister Alain Berset talked to spectra about the role of prevention in this comprehensive overview of health policy, about state responsibility and self-responsibility, the federal nature of the healthcare system and the importance of cooperation within and between the main departments of government in promoting and safeguarding public health. more


"Break the chains" to reduce HIV infection

Gay community. Avoid all risk of infection in April and then take an HIV test in May with the partners with whom you usually have unprotected sex: this is the message of the "Break the Chains" campaign, which is being run this spring for the second time. The aim of the campaign is to break the chains of infection among men who have sex with men. more