01.07.2013 Achieving a balanced diet with the interactive food pyramid

Online food pyramid. The Swiss food pyramid and the plate model show at a glance what a healthy, balanced diet for an adult looks like. These two established models can now be accessed online as interactive graphics.

Pictures Achieving a balanced diet with the interactive food pyramid


The Swiss food pyramid gives recommendations for a balanced, tasty diet. The plate model shows what a balanced main meal looks like in practice. In response to a mandate of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), the Swiss Society for Nutrition, SGE, developed the two models as interactive graphics and launched them in December 2012. By clicking on the graphics, users obtain a rapid overview of key facts concerning the different levels and fields of the pyramid and plate, information on recommended quantities and tips on how to put the recommendations into practice in everyday life.
Practical teaching tool
The interactive graphics are intended to appeal particularly to young people, among others, and are also suitable for use in the classroom. Pupils can use the interactive features to learn all about a balanced and tasty diet, put their know­ledge to the test in different games and share what they have learnt by passing it on to friends on social media such as Facebook. The tool is rounded out with links to further information, documents and services provided by the SGE, for instance on nutrition as a classroom topic.  It is available in German and French, and will be expanded to include additional content in the next few months.



Sophie Frei, Head of Food Sciences and Health Promotion Section, Swiss Society for Nutrition (SGE), s.frei@sge-ssn.ch

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