Alcohol, illegal drugs and tobacco cause a great deal of suffering for those affected and high consequential costs for society. Besides the "classic" addictions, there are also "new" forms such as dependence on prescription drugs, gambling or excessive use of the Internet.


New images to combat the force of habit

Tobacco prevention. The second series of combined verbal and pictorial warnings have been printed on packs of tobacco products since 1 January 2012. more


Success in managing the problem of drug abuse

MaPaDro lll. The Federal Government’s Third Package of Measures to Reduce Drug-related Problems (MaPaDro III 2006–2011) has been effective. An evaluation of the project has confirmed this. The following is an overview of the most important areas of progress in managing drug use and its consequences. more


NPA harnesses all resources for alcohol prevention

National Programme on Alcohol 2008–2012. The vision of the NPA 2008–2012 is: «Those who consume alcohol do so in such a way that it is not harmful to them or others». The seminal programme of Switzerland’s policy on alcohol has now been running for three years. Progress to date. more


«Geneva could become a new centre of acknowledged excellence in all aspects of drug policy.»

Five questions for Jean-Félix Savary. The association of addiction management professionals, Groupement Romand d’Etudes des addictions (GREA), hosted a conference on «50 years of drug prohibition» on 19 October. We talked to Jean-Félix Savary, secretary general of GREA, on the background situation. more


An eventful year for tobacco prevention

2010 Annual Report on the National Tobacco Programme 2008–2012 (NPT 2008–2012). 2010 was an eventful year for tobacco prevention in Switzerland. The most significant milestone was the Federal Law on protection against passive smoking that came into force on 1 May. A large number of other measures were implemented at various levels. Below is a review of the most important developments. more


The dialogue on the subject of alcohol continues

Swiss Alcohol Action Week. The first Swiss Alcohol Action Week ended on 29 May 2011 after around 10 days packed with wide-ranging activities. more


The long road to a Law on Narcotics fit for today’s needs

Swiss drug policy. The revised Law on Narcotics (BetmG) and the respective ordinances are due to come into effect on 1 July 2011, finally providing a legal framework for the Swiss drug policy’s «fourfold» or» four-pillar» model that has been successfully implemented over the last twenty years. more


New platform for promoting a diversity approach in addiction

Infodrog, the Swiss Office for the Coordination of Addiction Facilities, offers a new national platform for addiction professionals to exchange experience and knowledge of «diversity in addiction work». This is an approach that takes account not only of migration and gender, but of all aspects of the complex of problems related to addiction. more


The starting point for early identification and early intervention in young people is society

Publications. A new booklet produced in the French-speaking part of Switzerland presents a model for addressing early identification and early intervention in young people at risk. It contains recommendations and examples of good practice derived from a range of settings. more


Alcohol Dialogue Week: new range of activities up for discussion

Alcohol campaign. A nationwide dialogue week on the subject of alcohol is to take place from 21 to 29 May 2011. During this period, between 200 and 300 different activities will be staged in regions, cities, villages and neighbourhoods. more