01.05.2011 Alcohol Dialogue Week: new range of activities up for discussion

Alcohol campaign. A nationwide dialogue week on the subject of alcohol is to take place from 21 to 29 May 2011. During this period, between 200 and 300 different activities will be staged in regions, cities, villages and neighbourhoods.

Pictures Alcohol Dialogue Week: new range of activities up for discussion


The «Alcohol Dialogue Week» marks the start of a campaign being implemented as part of the National Programme on Alcohol (NPA). The Federal Office of Public Health and various partner organisations are inviting representatives from civil society, business, the arts and sport and specialists from different fields to set up a joint platform. This new approach to campaign management is centred around social dialogue – for instance round-table discussions and neighbourhood-based activities. It will focus on questions such as the following: How can we set an example and communicate the consumption of the cultural asset alcohol as something to be enjoyed in moderation? How can we take the interests of the restaurant, catering and retail sectors into account while also credibly seeking to prevent excessive alcohol consumption and its costs to society? All activities taking place during the dialogue week are listed in the event calendar on our website.

Full information on campaign website
Regularly updated information on the dialogue campaign will be posted at www.ich-spreche-über-alkohol.ch. Besides an event calendar, the website contains opportunities for online dialogue and for ordering information material (e. g. a flyer on «10 reasons why we need to talk about alcohol», available in German, French and Italian, or a poster providing details of the dialogue week). Those who wish to receive regular information on the dialogue week can subscribe to the newsletter on the site www.ich-spreche-über-alkohol.ch.


Barbara Kull
Alcohol Section, barbara.kull@bag.admin.ch

Sonja Meierhans
Campaigns Section, sonja.meierhans@bag.admin.ch

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