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Editoral René Stamm It's been 20 years since "spectra", the health promotion and prevention newsletter published by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), was launched. Born out of a desire to raise the profile of the FOPH's projects, specifically in the fields of drugs and AIDS, the form and content of "spectra" have changed continually in the past two decades, while always reflecting the changes taking place in society.

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The main topic of this issue – the integrated treatment of addiction – is a good example of this. What does it actually mean? For many years the emphasis was on professionalising the work done in the field of addiction, but more recently the focus has shifted to optimising the interfaces beyond this specialist field to partners in the social and health services, in education, the judicial system and the police. The ultimate goal is more effective and coherent support for all individuals affected by addiction throughout the entire professional network.  

The FOPH intends to support these developments and is working with its partners on a project that points in this direction. Anyone who says 'better interfaces' also means 'closer cooperation', and this presupposes a greater understanding of the context in which the partner works, for example, meaning aspects such as legal questions, funding systems, professional culture and so on. Work at grass-roots level also requires a favourable framework for cooperation, one that enables patients to be cared for well. The objective is the long-term evolution of addiction therapy. The necessary structural adjustments and learning process that will enable the intended improvements to become an integral part of the professionals' working reality are likely to occupy us for many years to come.  

You can be sure that "spectra" will be returning to this topic!  


René Stamm, Drugs Section, Federal Office of Public Health, rene.stamm@bag.admin.ch

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