Campaigns and recommendations

The FOPH conducts information campaigns aimed at raising awareness of issues, for instance communicable diseases, smoking and alcohol consumption, handling of chemical products in everyday life, measles vaccination or organ donation, among people living in Switzerland.


Say it any way you like, but just say it

"LOVE LIFE" campaign 2012/13. On 12 October 2012, the Federal Office of Public Health and its partner organisations launched the 2012/13 "LOVE LIFE" campaign. Its aim is to create a climate that makes it easier for people to inform a sex partner that they have a sexually transmitted disease. more


Eye-catching "Food Pyramid" attracted lots of visitors

FOPH stand at Comptoir Suisse. The 93rd Comptoir Suisse in Lausanne drew to a successful close on 23 September 2012, with no fewer than 185,000 people flocking to French-speaking Switzerland's annual autumn trade fair. Many of them made their way to the "Nutrition" hall and, more specifically, to the Federal Office of Public Health's stand. more


Online self-management course for cocaine users

Snow Control": the online Snow Control course helps cocaine users in their efforts to reduce their intake – or to achieve abstinence. more


Alcohol prevention, e.g. in the workplace or for families

Projects of the National Programme Alcohol. Within the framework of the National Programme Alcohol a total of twenty alcohol prevention projects financed or co-financed by the federal government have been realised or initiated in the last one and a half years. Some of them focus on alcohol consumption in the workplace and on protecting the children of alcoholic parents. This issue of spectra outlines three of the projects. more


Alcohol campaign: the dialogue goes on

Alcohol prevention. In 2011, the Federal Office of Public Health used the "Alcohol Dialogue Week" to launch the alcohol prevention campaign "Talking about alcohol" – a platform that society can use to discuss the topic of alcohol. The second "Dialogue Week" will take place in 2013. more


Addiction medicine: networks support family doctors

Networks. Quitting smoking, alcohol withdrawal, prescription of methadone: family doctors are often the first, and also the most important, professionals that addiction patients turn to for help. Collège romand de médicine de l’addiction (COROMA), Addiction Medicine Forum Eastern Switzerland (FOSUMOS) and Addiction Medicine Forum Central Switzerland (FOSUMIS) are networks that were set up to help family doctors professionalise and facilitate their work with addiction patients. more


A packful of zest for life

2012 SmokeFree campaign. The new edition of the current anti-smoking campaign again celebrates the pleasurable life of the non-smoker. The public and the campaign partners appreciate this positive approach. more


New images to combat the force of habit

Tobacco prevention. The second series of combined verbal and pictorial warnings have been printed on packs of tobacco products since 1 January 2012. more


HIV and STIs are unevenly distributed – priorities need to be set

The National Programme on HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections 2011–2017. For the first time, the National Programme is focusing on the prevention not only of new HIV infections but, explicitly, of other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well. more


Growing focus on prison health

BIG – combating infectious diseases in prisons. The aim of the BIG project launched in 2008 is to bring health care in penal institutions into line with that of the community. The experience gained with BIG has been positive, and therefore the project is now to be institutionalised on a sustainable basis. more