Campaigns and recommendations

The FOPH conducts information campaigns aimed at raising awareness of issues, for instance communicable diseases, smoking and alcohol consumption, handling of chemical products in everyday life, measles vaccination or organ donation, among people living in Switzerland.


If something itches or stings, go and see a doctor

LOVE LIFE campaign. The LOVE LIFE campaign went public in a new and different form in March 2011. Its focus is on sexually trans­mitted infections (STIs), which are now included in HIV prevention activities. “If something itches or stings, go and see a doctor.” This main message is communicated both clearly and humorously in TV spots, on posters and on web pages. more


Swisscom: successful «smoke-free company»

Tobacco control. As part of the «Smoke-free companies» campaign, the Lung League advises Swisscom on smoking regulations and offers training on quitting smoking to employees throughout Switzerland. more


Global strategy for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections

National HIV and STI Programme 2011–2017 (NPHS). The new NPHS will continue the work undertaken to date and take account of the latest findings: for the first time ever, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have been integrated into a programme for combating HIV. The strategy is to concentrate on particularly at-risk target groups and on people with HIV and their partners. The main goal is to significantly reduce the number of new infections with HIV and other STIs and to avoid long-term effects that are harmful to health. more


Starting rather than quitting: the new anti-smoking campaign is geared to positive feelings

Anti-smoking campaign 2011–2012. The findings from the evaluation of the 2009 campaign showed clearly that the style, slogan and emblem of the campaigns to date were in need of change. It is time for a new campaign that pursues bold routes. Using humour, irony and positive associations, the new anti-smoking campaign calls on people to start not smoking and thus gain new freedom. more


Child’s play: a balanced diet and enough physical activity

Suisse Balance. The Suisse Balance programme provides expert and financial support for innovative projects that make it fun for children and adolescents to engage in daily physical activity and enjoy a balanced diet. Since Suisse Balance was launched in 2002, a large variety of successful projects have been initiated, implemented and evaluated. The diet and physical activity projects currently receiving support, also at the implementation level, include «Procap bewegt», «BodyTalk PEP», «Papperla PEP» and «BabyGuide». more


Anti-smoking campaign «It’s logical, really» had an emotional impact

Evaluation of 2009 anti-smoking campaign. The consensus-oriented anti-smoking campaign «Less smoke, more life» took the slogan «Eigentlich logisch» (It’s logical, really) for its fourth, 2009 edition. Its awareness and acceptance levels were as high as those of the 2008 campaign, and not smoking is now taken for granted. more


Basic research to support prevention in the sex trade

Sex work and health. Sex workers are increasingly exposed to risks that are harmful to both well-being and health. The three-part study «Der Sexmarkt in der Schweiz – Kenntnisstand, Best Practices und Empfehlungen» (The sex market in Switzerland – state of knowledge, best practices and recommendations) identifies the areas in this setting in which effective prevention and health-promotion strat­egies can be deployed. more


STOP AIDS tackles the silly season

LOVE LIFE STOP AIDS 2010. The second year of the «Too quick to think of condoms?» campaign will start just in time for Carnival, with a new thematic focus. more