01.11.2012 Eye-catching "Food Pyramid" attracted lots of visitors

FOPH stand at Comptoir Suisse. The 93rd Comptoir Suisse in Lausanne drew to a successful close on 23 September 2012, with no fewer than 185,000 people flocking to French-speaking Switzerland's annual autumn trade fair. Many of them made their way to the "Nutrition" hall and, more specifically, to the Federal Office of Public Health's stand.

Pictures Eye-catching "Food Pyramid" attracted lots of visitors


Boasting an enormous food pyramid at its centre, the attractively designed stand with its interactive options in Hall 35 drew a correspondingly large number of visitors. Interest was also shown in the food game devised specially for the Comptoir, the wheel of fortune and an attractive presentation of the FOPH's Salt Strategy, which was explained with the help of three loaves of bread and test tubes filled with salt. Many interested visitors also grasped the opportunity to seek advice from the representatives present.
The stand at the Comptoir was a joint project of the Federal Office of Public Health, the Swiss Society for Nutrition SGE, the Swiss Association of Professional Nutrition Consultants SVDE and the study course "Nutrition and Dietetics" of Geneva's Haute Ecole de Santé (HEdS). The question of whether the FOPH will be attending other fairs to highlight nutritional issues is currently under examination.


Liliane Bruggmann, Head of the Nutrition and Physical Activity Section, liliane.bruggmann@bag.admin.ch

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