Healthcare policy

Healthcare policy focuses on public health and public healthcare provision. Access to prevention and early identification services and to appropriate healthcare for all sectors of the population is an important basic requirement. Further topics include quality assurance of the services provided and the financial viability, data situation and manageability of the healthcare system.


Prevention is better than cure!

Forum Vlasta Mercier. Switzerland is one of the few industrial countries with no legal framework in place to strengthen and coordinate prevention measures at national level. Given the aging population, medical and technological developments and the increase in chronic diseases (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, mental illnesses), the care sector is likely to see a very significant increase in costs in the near future. However, only part of this cost increase is unavoidable: with improvements to prevention policy and health promotion frameworks, the rise could be cut to a considerable degree. Moreover, a growing number of studies are showing that prevention measures are effective and represent a good investment. more


At first hand

Editorial Salome von Greyerz. The first attempt to enact a «Federal Prevention Law» failed in 1982 before it even reached the parliamentary debate stage due to opposition from the cantons and trade associations. And even though significant progress has been achieved over the 25 years since then in the fields of substance-abuse policy or HIV prevention, the focus of health policy in this period has been primarily on curative medicine and the financing of the care systems. more