Mental health

Mental health encompasses personal wellbeing, satisfaction, self-confidence and the ability to form and sustain relationships, to cope with everyday life and to work. Mental health is not a state; it is a dynamic process of adaptation to the changing environment.


World Suicide Prevention Day

10 September. On 10 September every year, various organisations around the world remember the people who die by committing suicide. more


Effective early intervention to counter forgetfulness in old age

International dementia symposium. Poor concentration and increasing forgetfulness are early signs of dementia, a disease that can rob a person of the ability to live independently. In early June, some 120 people working in public administration, research and the practical setting met at the first international dementia symposium, hosted by Switzerland, to discuss possible ways in which the health service and society can meet this challenge. more


When forgetting doesn't work

Posttraumatic stress disorders. A new publication from the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) provides clearly presented information on trauma and its consequences. more