01.05.2014 "Ne regrette rien!"

"LOVE LIFE" campaign 2014. As if inspired by Edith Piaf: just like the French chanson singer's great song, the new "LOVE LIFE" campaign comes across as passionate, authentic and life-affirming.

Pictures "Ne regrette rien!"


As communicated in the slogan "No regrets", the new "LOVE LIFE" campaign calls for life to be enjoyed to the full, rich in passion and adventure, but with no regrets – thanks to condoms.

A pledge to the carefree enjoyment of life
The aim of the campaign is to make safer sex more attractive than unprotected sex. It involves starting up a "LOVE LIFE – no regrets" movement in which as many people as possible pledge a commitment to the carefree enjoyment of life. There are three points to the pledge:
– I love my life. I owe this to myself.
– I love my body. I therefore protect it.
– I have no regrets. Because I take care.

Pledge and participate
Anybody can sign up to the pledge, order a pink pledge ring or other pledge article and thus participate actively in the movement by visiting the campaign website www.lovelife.ch. But the most important, even key, participation element in the campaign is the public casting call (see box) for volunteers for the new campaign, which aims to show authentic sensuality from authentic lovers in Switzerland. The movement will be supported, commented on and documented by a "lovelifenoregrets" blog on the website.

HIV and STIs still concern us all
HIV has not been hitting the headlines in recent years. Effective therapies have made the virus less frightening. Good news though this is, there is a downside to it: people are gradually forgetting the risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Many no longer perceive HIV as a topic of relevance to them and regard it as a problem that affects "the others". However, HIV and STIs continue to concern each and every one of us. The main aim of the campaign is therefore to restore awareness of the topic's relevance to us all and to improve compliance with safer sex practices in the general public. And it will do this not by pointing an accusing finger but with a "thumbs up" for an enjoyable, carefree love life.

Public casting call for photography

Couples and singles who are willing to express their passion in front of a camera are being sought for the subjects of the new campaign. Participants must be at least 18 years of age. Older people also welcome. Whether heterosexual or LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans), single or a couple, is irrelevant. The subjects will be photographed by the well-known fashion and art photographer Diana Scheunemann. Information & application on www.lovelife.ch


Norina Schwendener, Campaigns Section, norina.schwendener@bag.admin.ch

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