Research, evaluation, monitoring

To ensure the greatest possible effectiveness, measures that are aimed at promoting health and preventing diseases must be based on sound scientific foundations. Evaluation is used to support strategy development, achieve optimum effectiveness, promote organisational learning and provide accountability to the public.


Education and migration as health determinants

Equality of opportunities. Studies show that young immigrants do not enjoy the same opportunities as their Swiss peers in Switzerland’s educational system. This poorer access to education can ultimately have negative effects on health. more


Early identification and intervention in schools: lessons learned

New publication: The RADIX foundation has extracted key findings from the evaluations of a number of projects concerned with early identification and early intervention (E&E) in schools and presented them in summarised form in a new publication. E&E is an investment in the future not only of young people but also of schools, and improves equality of opportunities for the 10 –20% of children and adolescents in Switzerland who are at risk. more


First steps towards cost-benefit analyses of prevention measures

Evaluation. Are prevention and health-promotion measures necessary and worth the money they cost? Three pioneering studies initiated by the Federal Office of Public Health provide first concrete figures on the cost-benefit ratio of state measures in the areas of traffic accidents, smoking and alcohol. The findings are gratifying but should be treated with caution for the time being. more


Anti-smoking campaign «It’s logical, really» had an emotional impact

Evaluation of 2009 anti-smoking campaign. The consensus-oriented anti-smoking campaign «Less smoke, more life» took the slogan «Eigentlich logisch» (It’s logical, really) for its fourth, 2009 edition. Its awareness and acceptance levels were as high as those of the 2008 campaign, and not smoking is now taken for granted. more


The Federal Law on Prevention and Health Promotion

The main facts in brief. The aim of the Prevention Law (Präventionsgesetz) is to improve the management of prevention, health promotion and early detection measures in Switzerland. The Law also contains plans for a new federal-level centre of excellence, the Swiss Institute for Prevention and Health Promotion. more


Flu pandemic: Swiss population well informed

Survey. More and more people in Switzerland are taking steps to protect themselves from flu by improving hygiene. By contrast, the popularity of vaccination has declined, as a representative survey carried out in November 2009 reveals. more