01.02.2010 STOP AIDS tackles the silly season

LOVE LIFE STOP AIDS 2010. The second year of the «Too quick to think of condoms?» campaign will start just in time for Carnival, with a new thematic focus.

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The current LOVE LIFE STOP AIDS campaign targets situations in which sexual desire gets the upper hand. In these cases, the mind often switches off and there is no time for safer sex, or, in other words, for a condom. Under the motto of «Too quick to think of condoms?», all campaign media will focus on spontan­eous, high-risk situations in which unprotected sex is known to occur more frequently because a condom is not immediately available (for example, a hot holiday romance or the urgency of a new relationship). The alcohol- and party-fuelled rush of Carnival also brings people out of their shells and lowers inhibitions more quickly than in day-to-day life. At the beginning of February, therefore, the fifth ultra-short TV commercial «Costume party» was broadcast and new themes for adverts and public transport posters were introduced.

Online risk check
This campaign in no way aims to downplay the risks associated with spontan­eous, unprotected sex. Rather, it advocates thinking about certain situations before they occur and always having a condom handy when on holiday and at parties. People who have actually had sex without a condom can check their risk level at www.check-your-lovelife.ch and find out if they should consider taking an HIV test and if so, where to go.

No one is immune
The main driver behind the current focus of the LOVE LIFE STOP AIDS campaign was the outcome of a CHAT study which asked people recently infected with HIV how they came to be infected. The study showed that people with an intrinsically sound protective strategy can still become infected because they are unable to apply this strategy successfully in the circumstances described above and expose themselves to the risk of infection despite knowing better.

The current campaign themes still fall under the overarching message «LOVE LIFE STOP AIDS», which has provided a direct and life-affirming call for personal protection since 2005. This slogan embodies a positive attitude to life and is aimed at simultaneously reducing exclusion and distance and motivating the public to show solidarity with those affected. The LOVE LIFE STOP AIDS campaign is raising the population’s awareness of the risk of HIV infection and providing information on how people can protect themselves. The two first and most important rules for safer sex are therefore a fixture in every wave of the campaign: for anyone not in an exclusive, solid relationship the rule remains: «No intercourse without a condom» and «No sperm or blood in the mouth».
For the current campaign, which is scheduled to run throughout 2009 and 2010, the FOPH and the Swiss AIDS Federation will be going beyond the primary campaign medium of television and using the Internet, newspaper advertisements, window stickers in public transport vehicles and posters as well. Details on campaign activities can be found at www.lovelife.ch and are available for download.

Gold, silver and bronze for «too quick»

The LOVE LIFE STOP AIDS campaign «too quick», initiated by the Federal Office of Public Health and the Swiss AIDS Federation, continues to win prestigious prizes: the Art Directors Club (ADC) of Switzerland – the association of creative leading lights in Swiss advertising – has awarded the campaign three medals and two short-listed places, making it one of this year’s most decorated campaigns. The campaign won ADC gold (world-class) for the «Film» category, silver (outstanding) for «Overall Campaign» and bronze (excellent) for «Copy».
That the «too quick» campaign was worthy of highest international recognition was demonstrated two months ago when EPICA (Europe’s premier creative awards, which are judged by jury members from different specialist media) also awarded it gold in the «Film» category.
The LOVE LIFE STOP AIDS campaign has been winning countless prizes right from the outset. The most important and prestigious certainly include «Campaign of the Year» («No action without protection») in 2007 and the Effie gold medal in 2008, which underscores the campaign’s effectiveness.


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