01.03.2011 Swisscom: successful «smoke-free company»

Tobacco control. As part of the «Smoke-free companies» campaign, the Lung League advises Swisscom on smoking regulations and offers training on quitting smoking to employees throughout Switzerland.

Pictures Swisscom: successful «smoke-free company»


«Smoke-free companies» is a nationwide project initiated by the Basel Lung League and financed primarily by the Tobacco Prevention Fund. It provides four areas of support to companies seeking to plan and implement health-promoting measures.
1. Advice to companies on improving their smoking regulations and adapting these to the Federal Law on Protection against Passive Smoking.
2. Information events for smokers and non-smokers in the companies aimed at increasing acceptance of the new smoking regulations and at motivating smokers to take part in training courses on quitting smoking.
3. Training courses on quitting smoking. The courses are based
on scientifically sound, behavioural and cognitive therapy methods.
4. Communication services designed to create a positive image of the smoking regulations and the assistance with quitting smoking.

138 smoke-free Swisscom apprentices
Swisscom takes protecting the health of its workforce seriously. In 2010, with support from the «Smoke-free companies» project, it drew up a set of smoking regulations in line with modern requirements and scheduled to come into effect early in 2011. In the last quarter of 2010, in the run-up to the change, Swisscom offered all its employees an opportunity to take part in the Lung League’s «stop smoking» course. According to Susanne Buri, Head of Health & Case Management, «We’re particularly proud of the 138 apprentices who’ve opted for a smoke-free apprenticeship. We’ve received valuable input from ‹Smoke-free companies’ to help us draw up our smoking regulations. Our employees are particularly appreciative of the accompanying courses on quitting smoking. These scientifically based programmes are popular.»

110 employees have succeeded in quitting smoking
A total of 180 smokers took part in the course. Just under 110 were successful and are now enjoying a smoke-free life. Markus Schumacher, Key Account Manager, is happy about his success: «I prepared myself to quit smoking with help from the group and the workbook, and I had a lot of fun but was also nervous about it. It’s not quitting that’s the problem, it’s the following hours, days and weeks that are the challenge. Quitting became an experience. My very own personal goal plan came about as part of my preparations. It reminds me every day of what I’ve achieved and its benefits – I love my goal plan and my smoke-free life.»


Claudio Paulin, project manager, «Unternehmen rauchfrei», claudio.paulin@llbb.ch

Grégoire Vittoz, project manager, «Entreprise sans fumée», gregoire.vittoz@lpvd.ch

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