Vulnerable groups

Certain sectors of the population are particularly vulnerable in terms of harm to health, owing either to their physical or emotional constitution (e.g. disability, mental illness, addictive disorder, pregnancy, advanced age, migration background, etc.) or to their socio-economic situation.


The same level of motivation

At first hand. I can still remember how we used to be divided into two teams to play dodgeball in PE classes. Two captains took turns to pick their teams, and always left the children who weren’t very good at sport till last, only picking them – much to the disgruntlement of the other team members – when there was no one else left. There can be no doubt that being one of the first to be picked gave a tremendous sense of validation, while always being picked last was demotivating. more


“Bans reduce willingness to engage in dialogue and block discussion”

Barbara Bonetti has observed that there is less bullying in schools that permit and have rules for smartphone use than in schools that ban phones completely. In this interview, the Research Assistant at the Centro di risorse didattiche e digitali (Cerdd) discusses the value of educational debate and how digital media can be usefully employed in a teaching environment. more


Gearing projects to schools’ needs

There is now a large number of services that focus on health promotion and prevention in schools. To be successful and viable in the long term, these services need to be geared to the different syllabuses in each language region and to schools’ needs. more


“Our experience is very positive”

Five questions for Denise Schwegler from the female genital cutting prevention unit at Caritas Switzerland. The unit assists and supports “multipliers” – key individuals in the communities from countries where cutting is practised. The unit partners with the multipliers to organise awareness events and counselling. By doing so they help protect at-risk girls and women. more


Improving care by engaging with patients and their families

Health policy measures should always be geared not only to the requirements of the people affected by them, but also to their needs. That is why the FOPH is endeavouring to include these people in the process of developing strategies and action plans right from the outset. more


“The generations can inspire each other to an enormous degree”

Andreas Kruse, an expert in the field of gerontology, talks about the opportunities presented by a cross-generational exchange, the importance of learning and education in old age and the need to invest in health as early in life as possible. more


Healthy ageing in Switzerland

Demographic change is presenting some major challenges. The task of preserving health and quality of life in the elderly is the main focus of the FOPH’s efforts. It is guided by the “Healthy Ageing” strategy published by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is important to take a differentiated view of old age and ageing at all times. more


At first Hand

Bringing health-care into line with the needs of the elderly. Most elderly people’s health is impaired in some way. The important thing is to maintain these people’s quality of life for as long as possible despite their illness and to identify and strengthen their resources. This is the basis of the “healthy ageing” approach. more


Combating antibiotic resistance

There is a real risk of antibiotics losing their effectiveness. Unless an interdisciplinary approach is adopted, it will be impossible to combat one of the most pressing problems currently facing medicine – antibiotic resistance. This is why Switzerland’s nationwide Strategy on Antibiotic Resistance (StAR) covers human medicine, veterinary medicine, agriculture and the environment. StAR is a good example of the Health in All Policies approach. more


Communication is an important tool for improving health literacy

The FOPH has set itself the goal of improving health literacy and self-management of chronic disease among the general public. Communication can, at various levels, help achieve this goal. more