10.09.2015 World Suicide Prevention Day

10 September. On 10 September every year, various organisations around the world remember the people who die by committing suicide.

Pictures World Suicide Prevention Day


The WHO's 2014 report entitled "Preventing Suicide: A Global Imperative" shows that the suicide rate in Switzerland has fallen by 40 percent in recent years. Suicide prevention remains a topical subject in Switzerland. On average, 1,000 men and women die every year as a result of suicide. This figure does not include the assisted suicides that take place with the aid of the organisations active in this field.

As part of the "Suicide prevention: making more effective use of the scope for action" motion submitted by National Councillor Maja Ingold (11.3973), a "suicide prevention action plan" will be drawn up by spring 2016. This action plan will be prepared by the federal government, the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Health Ministers (GDK), the Swiss Health Promotion Foundation and further experts.  



Regula Rička, Heralth Policy Directorate, regula.ricka@bag.admin.ch

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