January 2014 spectra 102 - Vaccinations

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How is vaccination dealt with in Switzerland's prevention activities?

Lead article. Vaccinations are incontestably among the most effective means of prevention in the healthcare sector. Their history goes back a long way – but has very recent chapters as well. more


Vaccinations? Let's talk about them!

Forum Dr. med. Nicole Pellaud. As paediatricians who look after growing children, we concern ourselves particularly with the recommendations for and administration of the vaccines. We already broach the topic of vaccination at the first visit when infants are one month old. At the age of two months, now no longer protected by their mother's antibodies, infants receive their first doses of vaccine, particularly in order to build up immunity to whooping cough and Haemophilus infections, two diseases that can cause serious complications in young children. more


At first hand

Editorial Daniel Koch. The most recent vote on the Epidemics Act has once more demonstrated that the subject of vaccinations can arouse emotions and trigger debate. When an epidemic with a high mortality rate looms on the horizon, the loudest voices are those clamouring for vaccinations. At other times, they are those who fear vaccinations. more


"Actively promote human and animal health and wellbeing."

Five questions for Hans Wyss. To further tighten the cooperation between the Federal Veterinary Office (FVO) and the Food Safety Division of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), the Federal Council (Swiss government) decided in 2012 to merge the two. Subsequently the new Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) was created. It will be operational from January 2014 onwards and will be the centre of competency for food safety, nutrition, animal health, animal welfare as well as species and animal protection in international trade. more


Working together to improve employee health and physical activity

2013 annual conference. The 2013 annual conference of "actionsanté", which was held in Berne's Kursaal on 5 November, focused on cooperation between the authorities and the private sector to improve employee health and physical activity, and on the views of young people on health-related topics. more