December 2014 spectra 107 - National strategies and prevention programmes

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Reducing the negative effects of alcohol consumption for the individual and society as a whole

National Alcohol Programme. The second phase of the National Alcohol Programme (NPA) got under way in 2013 and will run until 2016. This year the focus has been on continuing and strengthening the alliance-based approach. more


The Swiss government is drawing up two forward-looking strategies for the prevention of addiction and non-communicable diseases

Strategies. Non-communicable diseases are currently the most common cause of deaths worldwide. According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, 74.6 percent of deaths among men and 75.9 percent among women in Switzerland in 2011 were due to four groups of non-communicable diseases: cardiovascular diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases and dementia. The Swiss government and the cantons are currently working together to draw up a national strategy for the prevention of non-communicable diseases. Tackling the phenomenon of addiction on a more comprehensive basis is the primary objective of the National Strategy on Addiction that is being drawn up in response to a mandate of the Swiss government, to be completed by spring 2015. The overriding goal is to secure a comprehensive and integrated package of addiction management services that includes medical care, harm reduction, counselling and treatment and promotes the social (re-)integration and health rehabilitation of addicts. The National Strategy on Addiction will guarantee continuity and also define a framework for action across all kinds of addiction. The two new strategies will replace the national programmes on alcohol, tobacco, drugs and diet & physical activity, which finish at the end of 2016. more


At first hand

Editorial Pascal Strupler. Even just a few decades ago, communicable diseases were the main threat to the lives of our parents and grandparents. They have now been contained or eliminated, thanks to advances in research and medicine and to socio-political measures. Nowadays, most deaths are the result of non-communicable conditions – cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are the major threats to our health. We are living longer, but in our final years we are increasingly likely to develop these diseases. more


Working together to create a society in which fewer people fall ill or die from the effects of smoking

National Tobacco Programme. On 9 May 2012, the Swiss Federal Council extended the National Tobacco Programme by a further four years to the end of 2016. This measure ensures that prevention activities already launched have a long-term effect. more


For a society in which a balanced diet and sufficient physical activity are taken for granted

National Nutrition and Physical Activity Programme. The Swiss government, the cantons and Health Promotion Switzerland are cooperating in a broadly based national programme to promote a balanced diet and sufficient level of physical activity. The long-term aim is to prevent chronic illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Interim report on progress at the half-way point. more