September 2012 spectra 94 - Digitisation in healthcare

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eHealth improves quality of care: dream or reality?

eHealth. The Swiss eHealth Strategy is designed to improve the safety and quality of the Swiss healthcare system by linking up all the relevant players and their IT systems with each other and enabling them to access patient data whenever it is needed. For patients this means: "My healthcare data. Available whenever and wherever it is required." more


At first hand

Editorial Dr. med. Adrian Jaggi. Our healthcare system is facing a range of different challenges, for instance the need to continue securing high-quality yet affordable healthcare provision for the entire population against a backdrop of steadily expanding medical options and growing care requirements of an ageing population. Increased cooperation between different healthcare professionals generates innovative approaches to problem-solving, a development in which the rapid availability of diagnostic and therapeutic data is of great importance. more


Online self-management course for cocaine users

Snow Control": the online Snow Control course helps cocaine users in their efforts to reduce their intake – or to achieve abstinence. more


Alcohol prevention, e.g. in the workplace or for families

Projects of the National Programme Alcohol. Within the framework of the National Programme Alcohol a total of twenty alcohol prevention projects financed or co-financed by the federal government have been realised or initiated in the last one and a half years. Some of them focus on alcohol consumption in the workplace and on protecting the children of alcoholic parents. This issue of spectra outlines three of the projects. more