06.09.2016 Donate organs? "Say what you think is important!"

Organ donation campaign 2016–2020. The new organ donation campaign focuses on discussion, communication and sharing. It is aimed at sensitising the general public into talking about the subject of organ transplantation with family and friends, reaching a decision for or against organ donation and communicating this decision. Only those who express their will can be sure that their decision will be respected by their relatives. The FOPH is launching the campaign in cooperation with the Swisstransplant foundation.

Pictures Donate organs? "Say what you think is important!"


Pictures Donate organs? "Say what you think is important!"


Pictures Donate organs? "Say what you think is important!"


Opinion polls show that the majority of people living in Switzerland have a basically positive view of organ transplantation: 80 percent can imagine donating an organ, but no more than 14 percent possess a donor card. Many have not yet made up their minds, nor have they informed their families of their wishes. The aim of the 2016–2020 campaign is to persuade people to address the subject of organ donation, reach a decision on it and inform their families accordingly. In cases in which the will of the deceased is not known, their families are asked to decide. This makes an already difficult situation all the more trying for them.  

New website, new TV commercial

The new website, www.leben-ist-teilen.ch, and a new key image that underpins the principal message – the appeal to share and communicate – are central elements of the campaign. Among other material, the revamped organ donor card and the associated brochure can be ordered or downloaded from the website. A new feature is a duplicate donor card that can be passed on to families as documentation and as a reminder. The TV commercial is a further new element: It shows people who, in out-of-the-ordinary situations, are courageous enough to raise the subject of something they consider important. "Say what you think is important. Any time. Any place" is the appeal. To have a better chance of reaching younger age-groups, the new campaign makes greater use of social media than before. The aim is to multiply the decisions of individuals into a movement that, in the course of the campaign, will draw in more and more people and prompt them, too, to make up their minds about organ donation.  

Further partners welcome

The campaign benefits from a strong partner in the shape of the Swisstransplant foundation. Further partners such as medical practices, pharmacies or drugstores will be integrated into the campaign over the next four years. As it is, a range of material such as dispensers containing organ donation brochures or stickers for window displays can already be ordered from www.leben-ist-teilen.ch.  

"More Organs for Transplantations" action plan

The organ donation campaign is enshrined in the "More Organs for Transplantations" action plan, which in turn is part of the Swiss Government's overall "Health 2020" strategic agenda. The action plan aims to utilise the potential for organ donation more effectively and increase the donation rate.  



Cinzia Pastore Ferrari, Campaigns Section, cinzia.pastoreferrari@bag.admin.ch

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