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Information relating to the new coronavirus (COVID-19):

Owing to the current situation, editorial work for spectra can only be carried out to a limited extent. As a result, publication of the next print edition (no. 128) is expected to be delayed until September 2020.

You can find the latest information and recommendations on the Federal Office of Public Health website: www.bag.admin.ch


The magazine "spectra" has been reporting on the projects, programmes and strategies of the Federal Office of Public Health and its partners in the fields of health promotion and disease prevention since 1995. Going beyond the contents of the printed version, “spectra online” will shed light on background developments and report on current affairs. 

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The printed version is published four times a year in German, French and English. The topic of the current issue (spectra 127): Quality and patient safety.



Increased transparency leads to greater quality and safety

The FOPH has been committed to greater quality in the Swiss health service for many years. The new legal basis marks the start of a phase in which the focus is on more coordination and more transparency. In addition, the Federal Council is focusing on the reduction of healthcare-associated infections and the effectiveness of antibiotics. more


“People have a right to know how safe our health system is”

The Patient Safety Foundation draws attention to adverse events in medicine without pointing the finger at individuals. Its aim is to change the system so that events of this kind don’t happen again, explains Dieter Conen, the Foundation’s President. more


Prevent the transmission of germs

Many hospitals in Switzerland have a large number of projects and initiatives designed to help prevent the transmission of disease-causing germs, the overall aim being to reduce the number of infections in the health service and stop the rise of multiresistant bacteria. more

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